That Woman on Thistledown Lane

| Book 1


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Coming home to Port Chance has dampened Janie Wendell’s spirits—literally. After a devastating spring flood, her family’s needs pull Janie to all corners of her quaint hometown. And now curiosity tethers Janie to her tight-knit community more than ever. The reason? The guy who pledged his heart then hit the road for a job opportunity years ago is back, and maybe for good.

Mark Christie risked losing Janie three years ago when he landed his dream writing gig. Expecting her to drop everything and follow him around the country was unimaginable. Underestimating the pain when she fled town because of him was even worse. But now Janie’s back, serving up coffee and—hopefully—second chances at the Daisy Gap Cafe.

When Janie and Mark find themselves working side by side after a mutual friend's desperate plea, their crackling chemistry bubbles like butter on a hot skillet. But history might repeat itself if they’re determined to guard their hearts at the risk of losing the chance for a happily ever after.