The Christmas Bouquet


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Was it fated love or just Bad luck?

Steven Wilson, a freelance engineer leading a peaceful life, never imagined a bouquet could disrupt his world. But when Isabella Smith, a podcaster on a journey of self-discovery, delivers the Christmas bouquet from the mystical "Lost Love Bench," Steven's life takes an unexpected turn.

Isabella, reeling from a breakup that left her questioning her true self, escapes to Holly for a reset. Her good intentions lead her to a stray cat and an abandoned bouquet, setting off a chain of events that neither she nor Steven anticipated.

Steven, determined to defy Holly's superstitious beliefs, finds himself entangled in a town that fervently believes the bouquet signifies true love. Despite their striking differences, Isabella and Steven's lives become further complicated when a photo of them reaches Isabella's mom, who wants to meet her new man to avoid past mistakes.

For one weekend, they agree to masquerade as a couple for Isabella's mom, planning a dramatic breakup afterward to appease the town. Little do they know, the sparks between them ignite something genuine and irresistible.

As Steven discovers the kind-hearted, loving Isabella behind the gruff exterior, Isabella can't resist the compassionate genius hidden within the hermit. Will they succumb to the enchanting power of the Christmas Bouquet and find their own happily ever after?

"The Christmas Bouquet" is a heartwarming tale of community, tradition, and love that will warm your heart. Join Isabella and Steven on a journey you won't want to miss. Order your copy now and immerse yourself in the magic of romance this holiday season!