The Stars in Her Eyes


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When Creslyn Knight auditions for the role of a life time, she never expects three things:
1.To know the casting director—intimately.
2.To be insanely attracted to the three stand-in actors at the audition.
3.That she’d soon be putting her morals to the test when her resolve weakens.

Acting is in Creslyn’s blood, and she’s focused her sights on one thing: landing the role of a lifetime. But she’s always been told that everything comes at a cost. The casting director names his when he tells her she must make him believe she can surrender to a harem of men, or he can’t justify giving her the lead role.

Determined to prove him wrong and show him she can tap into a passion that deep, Creslyn throws herself into rehearsals. But the fine line between script and reality soon starts to blur, leading her and three men into unchartered territory. The only problem? She has a jealous roommate, a disgruntled mother, and a string of paparazzi hot on her trail, making Creslyn question the cost of everything.

In a world where some things are best kept secret, is the price of fame too high when it comes to the heart?

The Stars in Her Eyes is a new adult, steamy contemporary romance that features all the heat you expect from a multi-partner romance, with a contemporary romance storyline and HEA readers crave. Finally, the best of both worlds!