The Viscount’s Revenge


Twelve years ago, Samuel Turlington falsely accused Alexander Duncan’s father of colluding with Napoleon. Once convicted, the man’s title and lands were stripped, and he was executed.

Disgraced, the family fled to Italy, where they built another fortune. His brothers were able to carry on with their lives, yet Alexander was unable to find peace until he saw his family name restored.

Now he’s returned to England to exonerate his father who swore Charles Turlington was the true traitor. He believes the evidence to prove his father’s innocence is somewhere inside the Turlington’s country estate.

It is imperative that he court Turlington’s daughter Phoebe well enough to gain access to her father’s papers.

Though she knew him when she was a girl, he’s certain Phoebe won’t recognize him as her former playmate when she meets his wealthy Italian alter-ego Signor Dante Alonzo.

Only, he never expected her to have grown into such an enchanting young woman.

He never expected their long-ago connection would haunt him still.

And he never expected to fall in love…

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