Daddy P.I. 0.5


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Private investigator James Logan is a man on a mission: to find a submissive who can be his cover on an upcoming investigation. Barred from his usual hunting grounds by a predatory ex, Logan heads to the Salt City kink expo.

Little submissive Emily Martin is no stranger to the lifestyle. She's had her fill of emotionally unavailable Masters and see-you-later sadists. Her display at the expo makes it clear from the start: she wants a real Daddy Dom, but permanent attachments are off the table.

Logan and Emily are immediately drawn to each other, but with such different agendas, do they have any hope of a future? The only way to find out is an audition, and Logan knows just where to hold it: at his exclusive NYC club. Armed with his favorite tawse, Logan takes Emily over his knee to see if the baby girl can stand up to his brand of dominance. Emily immediately realises that Logan is no "weekend Dom." But he's never been a daddy before. Can Logan become the daddy she's been looking for?