The Corpse Wore Cashmere


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When the high heels of fortune stumble, the sharp-witted and fashion-forward Kat Waters trades her high society lifestyle in Boston for her hometown, St. Louis. Struggling to keep her family afloat while her father faces racketeering charges, Kat finds herself doing the makeup of the dearly departed at a funeral home — because when life gives you corpses, you make them fabulous, darling!

As she acquaints herself with her new, peculiar colleagues at the morgue — including the pot-growing book-lover, DC, and the perennially sleazy Marshall — Kat soon finds herself embroiled in a scandal even her Prada boots weren’t ready for. Accusations of grand theft fly as DC is framed for stealing a million-dollar piece of lab equipment. And just when Kat thought life couldn’t get more complicated, her ex-fiancé, Martin, shows up at her mother’s behest to “talk some sense into her.”

Caught between solving DC’s dilemma and her own family’s legal troubles, Kat channels her inner Miss Missouri to uncover the truth. And when she stumbles upon suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of a local named Mort, Kat can’t help but pull on this thread. Can she unravel this tangled mystery in time to save her friend and find answers, or will the knots of deceit prove too tight to untie?

“The Corpse Wore Cashmere” is a tale of mystery, scandal, and the perfect shade of lipstick, proving that sometimes the most stylish accessory a girl can wear is the truth. This is the fashionably thrilling prequel to the award-winning “The Corpse Wore Stilettos”, where you’ll be the first to witness how Kat’s sharp-dressed journey begins. Because after all, honey, life may be a runway, but justice never goes out of style.