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We all have one common passion – the love of reading! It’s one of those hobbies that makes our lives better and brighter. The only problem is staying up on new releases and new authors…

Did you know that Goodreads is a FANTASTIC way to keep up to date on on books and authors? Not only that, authors use Goodreads to let readers know about fun and interesting things, such as current projects, their favorite reads, and often they will have fun Q&A sessions on your favorite books! Plus, with Goodreads you can track upcoming releases and your Kindle library! All awesome ways to stay in touch with authors.

LitRing’s Between the Pages giveaway is designed to help you discover new authors and books to read in 2022. This is especially helpful if you’re taking the Goodreads Reading Challenge!

You can enter to win some fantastic prizes by visiting our authors via their giveaway link and following them on Goodreads. So easy!

This giveaway is only open for a limited time, so start claiming your chances to win now!

Between the Pages Giveaway