Easy Breezy Reading

Audiobooks Promo

Dates: 05/12/2022 to 05/22/2022

Promo Details

Nowadays, people have a lot of on-demand content to choose from. With audiobooks increasingly popular with readers, it’s important to put the spotlight on your audiobook to be noticed. Our Easy Breezy Reading promo is a perfect opportunity to get in front of eager listeners. Reader’s trust LitRing to recommend books to them in all formats, and that includes audiobooks. Like other LitRing promotions we’ll leave the page up for at least three full months with a permanent web address. This gives your audiobook long-term visibility that goes well beyond the week-long term of the promo itself.

If you want even more exposure, and to customize your submission, you can see all the limited add-ons on the form.

What You Get

  • 10 Day Long Giveaway
  • Newsletter Mention
  • Promotional Graphics
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Additional Promotion through Contests sites
  • 3 Month Website Listing

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